Pandanda Cheats, Glitches and Secerets.

Hey Guys!

These are all the Cheats i have found. If you find any Cheat, Seceret or Glitch that you would like to share, Comment telling us the steps. We will then add it to our cheats and give you FULL credit.

Tano and Hammer’s Cheats, Glitches and Secerets:

1) Vegetable Hunting:

  1. Go to Shady Glen On the Map.
  2. Wait There for 10-20 Seconds.
  3. After Waiting 10-20 Seconds, Look around the room and you should see a Golden Mushroom.
  4. Click on it.
  5. Go to your backpack.(NOTE, Sometimes You will find other things like: Yellow Mushroom, Red Mushroom, Golden Mushroom, Carrots, Potatos, A Chest (You will need a Shovel and key which can be found in the Fishing Pond, The chest will be digged in mud), Onion and Purple Mushroom.
  6. If you find the Chest, Click on it and click Open Chest and You will get a Surprize.
  7. Go to The East Market Located on the map.
  8. Go to Tammy.
  9. Sell all your Stuff and get Money! 🙂

2)Climbing Clock tower:

  1. Go to the East Market Street
  2. Click the following spot on the picture below:


Other People’s Cheats, Glitches and Secerets:

1) Wierd Walks: by: Cookieluva8

While walking, click where you want to go, and while you travel there hold down certain letters on the keyboard:

If you press S, It will look like your in a car. If you press Z, It will look like your Sleep Walking. If you press J, You will be jumping while Running. If you press D, You will be Dancing while Walking. If you press an arrow on your keyboard, You will be Sitting and walking.

2) How to make Pandanda Day or Night: by Bluesoul ( )

Pandanda sometimes is in Day and sometimes at night, Right? Well to control that you must change your computer clock to PM or AM. If you change it to a PM time, It will be Night, If you make it a AM time, It will be day.

Want your Cheat, Glitch or Seceret to be up here with your name shown to? Just comment the Steps and we will it and give you credit!

3) Picking up many fish: by Big Bluey

  1. Head to the fishing hole. (You will need a fishing rod which can be purchased from Joe).
  2. Throw your rod into the lake and wait for a fish to pull your rod.
  3. When your rod moves, just click on it continuously and it will look like the fish is going in and out of the water.

4) How to get on the rooftop: by Ballin

Go to Bear Hollow and go to Paige. Click “buy stuff” and click the “Dizzle Fizzle” potion. Drink the potion, and you will be in a bubble. I will use Bear Hollow as a example. Make sure you have a good run up. Click on a door and when you are about 1-2 pandas away from it press J. You will jump and should land on the roof. Sometimes coming from different directions helps. Make take sevral attempts.

Note: people who are the room DURING doing the cheat will see you up there. People who come AFTER you do the cheat will NOT see you on the roof.


32 Comments on “Pandanda Cheats, Glitches and Secerets.”

  1. tadeokk Says:

    Hey guys!
    My Pandanda name is Tadeo. I found this on a Club Penguin site and I DOVE Pandanda! I was wondering If I could work here…

  2. cookieluva8 Says:

    Hello my name is CookieLuva eight and here are some pretty sweet glitches… When you are about to walk, click where you want to go, and while you travel there hold down certain letters on the keyboard:

    S: looks like your in a car.
    Z: Sleep Walk.
    J: Running Jump Walk.
    D: Dancing Walk.

    Check it out

    • cookieluva8 Says:

      Also if you Click the running green guy, while your walking, then click a sit arrow, you will travel sitting in that direction

  3. BlUeSoUl Says:

    How to make Pandanda Day or Night:

    Change the time on your computer, to either 12am – 11:59 am for morning or 12pm – 11:59 pm for night. If this doesn’t work, try random times…


  4. hollyjess Says:

    cool it works


  5. bigbluey Says:

    i have a glich!!!
    1 go to the fishing hole
    2 go fishing (you will need a fishing rod to do so)
    3 when you get a fish click it again and again fast!
    4it will look like you caught 100 fish

    subbmitted by big bluey

    P.S ( if you see me on pandanda add me)

  6. Breanna Says:

    Wow! Cool cheats site! Now, any idea how you get coins without working and commenting?

  7. Breanna Says:

    Any idea how to get like, 50 million vegetables?

    • sparcklinjam Says:

      Yes breanna very easy actually but not million ur back pack can only hold so many things the most is 200 for members and 100 non-members and JUST THAT MANY ITEMS
      i am a member and the pages you can get up to is eight teen and so idk how many non members have and here is my advice: wake up earlier and then get on and go to any place ANY PLACE!!!! here is some good ones Bear Hollow and market St’s is your looking for cans and tickets second bunny chase (darby field) and ghost chase (misty hill) and if you want plants and treasure chests go to shady glen if you want gems go to pawthorn forest if you want to fish go to coconut beach orfishing hole! like my advide? i do! it helps a lot!

  8. Breanna Says:

    Produce, how do you get a LOT without waiting!

  9. angelberry25 Says:

    How to get on top of roof:

    Goto Bear Hollow and goto Paige. Click buy stuff and click the Dizzle Fizzle potion. Buy It. Now goto your backpack and click Drink. You will be inside a bubble. I will use Bear Hollow as a example. Make sure you have a good run up. Click on a door and when you are about 1-2 pandas away from it press J. You will jump and should land on the roof. Sometimes coming from different directions helps. Make take sevral attempts.

    – My pandanda name is angelberry25 if you want to know anything!

  10. Ballin Says:

    Hey guys! I got a good glitch! (Must have a membership)First get a bubble potion and a shrink potion.Now use the bubble potion and on Bear Hollow, walk to the very left near the ice cream shop. OPen your backpack and while holding j for jump use the shrink potion while in the air. You should be stuck in mid air! I hope this is useful for anyone!!! BYE!!

  11. bigbluey Says:


  12. megz151 Says:

    !iya! jus wanna say who on earth is the zee guy in pandanda? wud be really grateful if someone had the answer! thx and if u c me around id lov to be freinds! xxx

  13. sparcklinjam Says:

    hey! i wanna share i little glitch for pandanda (you have to be a member) i will give you the steps

    1. go to your tree house
    2.go to the buton where you decorate your house
    3. buy two of the same things but in differant color
    4.put the two objects on top of each other
    5. get off home decoration
    6. every few seconds it should switch colors! lol

    (P.S. does the coin shop thing work becuz idk if they just take your save)

  14. Wilberd Says:

    wow nice cheats

  15. laura Says:

    what about coins????

  16. blake1515 Says:

    Tano and Hammer are the best!!!!

  17. laura Says:

    i know how 2 get good fish, (need a fishing rod) u should be in a corner of the water at the fishing hole. swing your fishing rod as far as you can until u can only see the end of the fish.

  18. sparcklinjam Says:

    Heyz sparcklinjam here! i was wondering I RLLY NEED COINS!!!!! tell me how to get coins fast and i am a member so i get tempted to buy 😦 but, plz tell me how to plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  19. Mistral Says:

    Anybody know how to fish at the fishing hole where u come in? I have tryed everything.

    Here are some glitches:
    Walk on doors non members:
    Go on a slow browser, internet explorer is best, but if you only have firefox open like 20 tabs and go to slow pages in them. Basically you need to slow pandanda right down. Now click your backpack really fast so it opens and closes really fast. Soon your screen should freeze. Once it unfreezes click a door. Ta Da! You will be on it with no loading signs. You can walk anywhere on the door. Note, Nothing will load and your backpack wont open, or anything on the bar thingy.

    Nubbing glitch:
    Drink a potion that turns you into something thats not a panda, like the haunted potion or a bunny potion. Now go to bear hollow and press tab. Put your mouse over the chat bar or anywhere along that bar and press enter. You can also press tab and enter with your mouse over a pandanda resident, no potion required!


  20. Amaan Says:

    i have 1 cheat

    step1-go to farmer dan take the quest.
    step2-go to farmer ned,s barn keep your curssor moving around the hen for 20 seconds than se you will get a egg

  21. Em Says:

    knew them all

  22. eleanor123 Says:

    I have a glitch buy turbo potion or bunny potion then when potion timer thing is almost up like just the teensiest tinyest then click some where and u will walk there without moving your feet

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